Anyone who's been in a serious relationship will tell you that being a couple is seriously hard work. Spending a lot of time with someone and building a life together comes with a lot of hard work and dedication. 

After unwinding a home business and getting ready for a retirement, a 67-year old woman living in the rural area of North Dumfries Township area became obsessed with money and being secure. It led her to stab her husband with a butcher knife in the ear canal while he was sleeping. 

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Claire Cote was originally charged with attempt of murder but was cleared on Tuesday after being declared not criminally responsible due to a mental disorder. Though she still has to prove that she is not a risk to a board, it was found the stress of retirement sent her into psychosis and major depressive disorder. 

Her common-law husband of 39 years, Charles Figueiredo, totally forgives her and still wants to be with her after the event. He was seen hugging her in the courthouse after she was told she was cleared from the charges. 

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The incident occurred last September when Figueiredo awoke to find Cote at the end of their shared bed holding the knife while his ear was bleeding profusely. After wrestling the knife out of her hand, he heard his wife repeatedly say "this has to end" before she walked downstairs. Figueiredo called 911 while Cote sat in the living room. 

Police say upon arrival that Figueiredo claimed that Cote wasn't herself, telling them she had been ill while they were taking her in for custody. Figueiredo also said in his impact statement that the separation of the pair had a negative impact on him and it did not reflect their happy years together. 

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Cote still must go before the Ontario Review Board to see if she is a risk but her lawyer maintains that they will find her to be harmless. Cote is crediting cognitive therapy with helping her overcome the mental issues that caused this incident with her husband. 

Though she cannot live with her husband currently and is still remaining on bail and curfew her lawyer is hoping that they can arrange a deal so the couple can reunite in a home with a third-party present. Love really does make people do some wild things. 

Source: The Record 

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