This sounds like a pretty frightening experience. A resident from Thornhill, Ont. says she feared for her life when an Uber ride in Toronto saw her driver go rogue. After being driven around at over twice the speed limit and made to fear for her life, Alanna Moness was initially reimbursed with just a $5 voucher for her ordeal.

According to CTV, Moness was on her way home after going out with her friends in Toronto back in December.

The Uber driver apparently took the Don Valley Parkway to her home and started weaving in and out of cars, allegedly travelling at about 140 km/h.

"Once we got to the suburban areas, that's when everything started happening," Moness explained. "There are three stop signs between the highway and my house and he ran all three."

She had also allegedly taken screenshots from the traffic app Waze. In those photos, the car appears to be shown recording speeds of 85 km/h in a 40 km/h residential zone and 95 km/h in a 50 km/h zone in Thornhill.

Moness also managed to capture a video showing the driver driving by at least one stop sign without as much as braking.

Frozen in fear, the passenger told CTV that she didn't confront the driver. "I am a young woman, I didn't want to open my mouth, I was by myself." 

This is when she texted her brother to wait outside before she arrived. "I told the driver, when my brother was with me, that I am going to report him because I've never felt so unsafe in my life but he didn't seem to care," said Moness.

She then went ahead and contacted Uber's emergency line and filed a report.

Uber Canada told Narcity in a statement: "We recognize the role we have in contributing to the safety of everyone on the platform and the communities where we operate. Once we learned of this report, we removed this driver's access to the app."

However, the company's initial response wasn't something she expected. Moness apparently received an apology for the inconvenience and received $5 credit to her account.

Dumbfounded, she contacted Uber again. "I reached out three times but they said they had already provided the appropriate adjustment," explained Moness.


According to CTV, Uber has since completely reimbursed the $47.28 ride Moness took that day.

However, this is the latest report of horrible Uber experiences in the past for certain passengers. Like when a 21-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by a Toronto Uber driver last year and sued both the driver and Uber Canada.

The report of Moness' experience comes just a week after the City of Toronto announced that as of Jan. 1, 2020, ride-share drivers in the 6ix must abide by stricter rules.

Those changes, aimed at improving passenger safety, include more regimented training and experience for drivers, as well as the meeting of certain conditions.

As for the speeding, just last month in Toronto, the city installed 50 speed cameras to slow drivers down.

But with the way this driver was allegedly going, he likely wouldn't have caught them.

Narcity has also reached out to Alanna Moness for further comment.

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