The last thing that would be on your mind while shoveling snow would be fear of becoming a victim of sexual assault. Especially this past weekend considering the only thing that was probably on your mind was how much you would rather be in Florida while shoveling the slush and snow off of your driveway. Unfortunately for two Torontonians, it seems that you can't even feel safe on your own property. 

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A warning was released by the Toronto police early this morning detailing two separate sexual assault investigations that are believed to be connected. The investigation involves two different men who claim they were sexually assaulted on Monday morning around 10:30 A.M where each man was assaulted within minutes of each other. 

The assaults happened in the Bloor Street and Parkside Drive area where both men claim they were approached and then assaulted by the suspect while they have been shoveling their driveway that morning.

The police have described the suspect as a black, 6"2 male between the age of 25 and 30 weighing an approximated 170 pounds. The suspect also had a piercing on his bottom lip and was wearing a black beanie and bomber jacket with an "APOLLO" logo on the back along with black jeans and black Doc Martens. 

If you have any information on the investigation the police are requesting you to contact them at 417-808-110 or you can contact them anonymously through Crime Stoppers by calling 416-222-8477. Alternatively, you can also leave our tip online by going to 

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