It's been a deadly month in Toronto, with shootings happening regularly the past few weeks. Last night was the latest incident and police were called to the east side of the city after people saw a person with a gun.

Police responded just around midnight in the Warden Avenue and Eglinton Avenue East area, but after they arrived on scene there was an altercation that occurred causing shots to be fired. One individual was sent to a trauma centre but did not make it after being shot in the chest and leg. 

An officer was also hit in the process right below the heart but was wearing the required bullet-proof vest. Mike McCormack, President of the Toronto Police Association, said the officer is obviously quite shaken up but he's in good condition.  

Mark Saunders, Toronto Police chief, has addressed the media this morning saying that Toronto is still an incredibly safe city despite the recent surge in gun violence. Saunders said this was an example of how necessary protective gear is. He also mentioned that there are 200 positions open on the force expected to be filled by the end of summer. 


This shooting was the 11th murder this month and the eighth murder caused by gun use. Though Special Investigations Unit is looking into the case, people have already taken to Twitter to question why more isn't being done to solve these crimes. 

It certainly is worrisome that gun violence is on the rise but hopefully SIU will have this solved sooner than later. 

Source: CBC

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