Who needs an Emmy, eh? After another Canadian show swept the Primetime Emmy Awards at the weekend, Appa from Kim’s Convenience has spoken-out about his own "huge win.” Describing Canada as one of the best countries in the world, he had the sweetest message for the show’s fans.

On Sunday night, Schitt’s Creek made Emmy history by taking home a record-breaking number of comedy awards.

With all eyes suddenly on Canada’s sitcom scene, many Twitter users took the opportunity to encourage others to watch Kim’s Convenience — a Toronto-based show following a Korean family with a convenience store.

Responding to fans calling for their show to have won an Emmy, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (Appa) explained that it must be broadcast in the U.S. to qualify for an award.

Regardless, it seems he already has the biggest prize.

“We have a loyal, passionate, and supportive international fan base and we get to make a relevant, funny show with heart about an immigrant family in one of the finest countries in the world,” Paul Sun-Hyung Lee wrote. 

“That’s a huge win for us,” he added.

While Kim’s Convenience doesn’t qualify for an Emmy Award right now, the cast and crew were clearly delighted for Schitt’s Creek at the weekend.

The show’s official page tweeted their congratulations on Sunday night, a message that was shared by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee.

They weren’t the only ones sharing love for the Ontario show.

Big names like Justin Trudeau, Sandra Oh and Mariah Carey all got in on the Schitt’s sweep,” tweeting their appreciation for the Canadian talent involved.

While Emmys aren’t on the horizon right now for Kim’s Convenience, a new season is!

The cast have been spotted in and around Toronto preparing to film season five, which is expected to drop in winter 2021.

While we wait, Netflix has confirmed that the award-winning finale of Schitt's Creek will hit the streaming platform next month.

If you’re on a real patriotic vibe right now, Netflix has just released a whole new Canadian collection. 

To celebrate a decade since the service launched in Canada, they’ve dropped tons of shows that feature all kinds of Canuck talent.

Weekend = sorted!

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