One Ontario officer is being reviewed after telling employees at an Arby's restaurant that they "should not count" on his service. In a press release, Windsor Police revealed that one of their officers cancelled his order at the food joint after two of the Arby's employees took a knee. A photo has since appeared on Facebook showcasing the incident. 

According to a news release, on June 19, it was reported that one of the officers placed an order at the Arby's drive-thru in Windsor. 

However, while waiting for his food he noticed that two employees had taken a knee instead of making his order. The manager of the venue prepared his food instead.  

The officer "cancelled his order, received a refund and left the restaurant without further incident."

However, after the situation, an off-duty officer posted a photo on his social media page of the two employees taking a knee.

In the post, he outlined false information about the food joint refusing to serve his coworker.

He also implied "that this Arby's restaurant should not count on the off-duty police officer responding to their location should they need it."

Since the incident, Arby's as well as the Windsor Police have publicly responded. 

The off-duty officer who made the post is now under investigation by the department. 

The statement from police states that "Windsor Police Service did not authorize nor do we support the message posted by the off-duty officer...The conduct of the off-duty officer is now under internal review."

Windsor Police maintain in their statement that they regret that a member of their team had spread the post on social media.

"We encourage local connections and strongly encourage our officers to support local businesses, especially during these unique times," says the release.

"We want to re-assure the community that the safety of everyone is paramount and our officers will always respond to all calls for service."

Arby's also posted on Facebook about the incident, stating that "the reports of a police officer being refused service at our location in Windsor, ON, are untrue."

The move comes after people across the globe continue to protest against police brutality after the death of George Floyd

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