U.S. political royalty is here in the 6ix. Former President Barack Obama is in Toronto on January 23 with the Economic Club of Canada and The Global Institute for Conscious Economics for a conversation on the "Future of Work". Obama will be speaking to business and education leaders and a large number of students and youth.

This event, being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, has unsurprisingly been completely sold out to the public for some time.

Tickets weren't cheap, according to To Do Canada, going for $250 and up.

While that price is not so accessible for many people, the main goal of the conversation is to empower Toronto's youth.

So, according to a tweet from Toronto Star reporter Gilbert Ngabo, a scheme has ensured that for every executive or business, education, or political leader attending, a young person was invited for free.

As a result, a large number of students were present for the event.

Photos and videos show people lining up to take their seats ahead of the hugely popular former president stepping onto the stage.

And it looks like the Convention Centre was packed to the rafters, judging from photos and videos taken at the venue.

According to the event site, the point of the discussion is to highlight the importance of the physical and mental wellbeing of Canadians on the planet and the future of work.

This also includes promoting economic prosperity and sustainability. This conversation aims to inspire the youth and the ways we think about society, and the economy. 

"The Economic Club of Canada & The Global Institute for Conscious Economics are dedicated to fostering a new economic dialogue in Canada that promotes equality, inclusion, and the voices of multiple generations around the same table," reads part of the event website.

And, apparently, the excitement was too real for Toronto. According to one tweeter, a radio station warned on Thursday morning that Obama's presence may cause hold-ups. 

This isn't the first time Obama has been spotted hanging in the 6ix, oh no. 

During the NBA finals last year, the former president was snapped drinking the most Canadian drink ever imaginable in a cup of Tim Hortons.

What a great way to show some Canadian love while watching the Raptors take on the Golden State Warriors during Game 2 of the finals.

His admiration for Canada doesn't just focus on the caffeinated side, though. There also seemed to be a little bit of bromance between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Obama as they hit up an Ottawa brewery last summer.

Even after the Canadian election, Obama noted that his political views still lie closer to that of Trudeau's.

Incidentally, Sophie-Gregoire Trudeau, Justin's wife, gave a speech introducing Obama at Thursday's event.

Obama seems to also love Toronto music, as he hand-picked a Mississauga-born 22-year-old DJ to host this event. 

According to insauga.com, Dahlia Keisha Palmer, also known as DJ Rosegold will be pumping out the tunes for this grand event.

What a way to emphasize inspiring the youth.

The event started at 11 a.m. and ends at 2:15 p.m.

Maybe afterwards, Obama will take another Tim Horton's break! We can't wait to find out.

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