A public awareness campaign from the Ontario Black History Society (OBHS) is showing the limited teachings about Black history in Ontario schools

The campaign, titled #BlackedOutHistory, is raising awareness on the issue by using real grade eight textbooks from the current curriculum and removing all of the non-Black history.

"Of the 255 pages in the book, only 13 remained," says a news release.  

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President of the OBHS, Natasha Henry, said that action must be taken to allow students more access to Black history in school

"As part of the government responses to calls to tackle anti-Black racism, the systemic exclusion of Black history from the curriculum across Canada must be addressed," she said. 

According to a statement from OBHS, copies of the blacked-out textbooks have been sent to Doug Ford, Stephen Lecce, and Justin Trudeau. 

"Our goal is to raise awareness of the lack of Black History in the curriculum," says a tweet from the organization.

A petition was launched a few months ago by a Ryerson student to demand a mandatory course on racism and privilege in Ontario high schools, and it has garnered over 66,000 signatures. 

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