While fall doesn't officially end until December 21st, here in Canada we know that the winter weather starts pretty much right after Halloween, and sometimes even before it. Given that it's now a few days into November, we are about due for some winter weather.

That's exactly what we're going to get next week. On Tuesday, November 13th Toronto and the GTA are in for our first wintery weather of the year. The forecast that day is summed up by only one word: snow. 

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That's right, our first real snowfall that might actually hang around is happening next Tuesday when we are expected to get around 5 cm. Even more will fall throughout the week, giving us a total of around 10 cm of snow! 

That's not all. Over the next 14 days, the temperature is going to gradually fall until we are hovering around 0 degrees during the day and dipping below freezing at night. The lowest temperature will be -5 degrees overnight on Wednesday, November 14th.

Here's a snapshot of what next week's weather looks like:

Via Weather Network

If you are clinging on to those last days of warm weather, tomorrow is the only hope. While it's raining all day the temperature is set to be 15 degrees. This may be the last double-digit day we see for a while, though. 

On the plus side, winter weather, and especially snow, make it seem that much more like the holidays. So if your countdown to Christmas has already begun, the snow rolling in next week will make you feel that much more festive. 

The snow is expected next week on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday but it's not all miserable. There is lots of sunshine and some days above five degrees forecasted over the next two weeks too. 

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