Danish budget airline, Primera Air announced yesterday that they were shutting down after 14 years of operation due to “several unforeseen misfortunate events” that had affected their financial position.

They were a popular airline choice for Canadians, Americans, and Europeans looking for cheap flights across the pond. They served several North American locations, including Boston, New Jersey, Washington, and Toronto. 

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While the airline said they were "sad" about the announcement, it's clear that their customers worldwide are feeling very different emotions right now. That's because the airline totally ditched them out of nowhere.

Following their abrupt cease of operations, customers and even cabin crew employees were stuck at airports around the world without alternative travel home. If that isn't bad enough, Primera has stayed silent about providing reimbursement to any of their customers for the sudden mass cancellations.

An entire Twitter account, @PrimeraAirAreTheives has been dedicated to angry Primera customers venting out their issues with the airline. Many are saying they'd been promised refunds months ago for cancelled flights, which they have yet to see.

Others have been documenting their nightmare travel stories on social media. Which include Canadian honeymooners stranded in Paris, cabin crew left to fend for themselves in Toronto, and crowded airport terminals filled with people who have no idea how they're getting to their next location. 

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While Primera hasn't commented on any refunds at this time, I don't think customers should hold their breath.

Source: Twitter, CAA

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