Get that sunscreen ready because this July is going to start off really, really hot! How does nearly 40C realfeel sound? If you like the idea of that then you're in luck, because this year's Canada Day weather in Ontario is going to be glorious.

For the first week of July, the summer heat and humidity will provide perfect beach weather across the GTA.

So, if you're looking for plans for Canada Day, this might be some good news for you.

In fact, on Wednesday, July 1 itself, some temperatures in Southern Ontario will be topped off with a humidex that will take the realfeel to near or even above 40C, according to The Weather Network.

The heat doesn't sound like it will be quite that intense in the 6ix itself, but even in Toronto, you can expect it to feel like the mid-30s C.

According to TWN's 14-day forecast, from Monday, June 29 and right through the week, the combination of the temperatures and humidity will hold the city somewhere around the 33-36C realfeel mark all week long.

So, it's a good thing that at least six city beaches are open to swimming again right now. Not only that, but the Toronto Islands' beaches will be back in action on Canada Day, too.

And the city of Toronto also plans to reopen its pools and splash pads. This is all good news because it seems you'll probably want the option to cool off wherever possible.

As The Weather Network states, this will be an extension of the summer heat we're already feeling, and the humidity will also play a role in making it oh-so-hot.

The city's already been blisteringly hot in recent times. In fact, the heat was so bad yesterday that Toronto's air quality was actually considered dangerous for residents.

With weather like this, it seems that more people will be likely to head outdoors and bask in the sun.

Just be mindful of where you are! A repeat of Woodbine Beach and Cherry Beach this past weekend is not what the city wants.

Still, it's damn hard to believe it was only a couple of weeks ago that parts of Ontario were slammed with January-like snow.

But it looks like the heat is here to stay for the most part, at least through the first week of July!

And, with the city finally heading into stage two of the province's reopening plans, there will be more places for you to enjoy the summer-like weather.

Following health guidelines all the while, of course.

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