Today the Canadian Senate has passed the bill for legalized recreational marijuana with a vote of 52 to 29. This means that a legal cannabis market will be open and operating in just 8 to 12 weeks.

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Bill C-45 was passed after being pushed back in the Senate due to the debate of home growing conditions. Though the government had originally aimed at making recreational marijuana available by July 1, the date will be pushed back due to the delay while in motion.

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Though there is a delay in the opening of the legal market, once open Canadians can purchase cannabis and posses as much as 30 grams at one time. It is also shareable with other legal adults. 

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It's yet to be decided how marijuana will be sold in Ontario, as outgoing Premier Kathleen Wynne was in favour of government-operated stores, whereas Premier-delegate Doug Ford favours independent retailers. 

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Sen. Tony Dean, who sponsored the bill in Senate, told the CBC that this was a monumental day for Canada. He also mentioned being proud of the work the Senate did in order to pass the bill.

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"We've just witnessed a historic vote for Canada. The end of 90 years of prohibition. Transformative social policy, I think. A brave move on the part of the government," Dean said while also noting that he felt great about the outcome.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had promised Canadians legalized marijuana since the campaign trail in 2015. He advocated in favour of legalization to take marijuana off the streets and instead allow adults who use it to purchase it in a safe way. 

Canada is the second country to have ever legalized marijuana and is now the first country in the G7 to legalize it. While some states in America have legalized the substance, such as California and Colorado, Canada's legalization process is nationwide. 

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