Earlier this week, it was clear that the impending Canada Post strike was going to seriously affect Canadians. Especially considering even just talks of the strike began to impact Canada Post customers earlier this week.

Unfortunately, now that the strike is most definitely happening, Canadians should brace themselves for further issues when it comes to their mail and package delivery. 

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Just yesterday, Canada Post workers voted in favour of the strike after voting closed September 9th. It was then discovered that 90% of workers "were willing to take action" if their issues with the company couldn't be resolved.

The whole dispute comes as a result of what worker's claim is an overall lack of attention to workplace problems on Canada Post's end. Many workers are claiming that the current system set in place leaves workers "overburdened with little time for their home life." 

The specific issues at hand that both the workers' union and Canada Post are trying to work through are how the company deals with large parcel volumes and how their workers are treated during high volume times. As well, local mail carriers are seeking guaranteed minimum hours, equal pay, and job security through the union. 

As negotiations continue, it's been agreed upon that if both parties cannot reach an agreement by September 26th, members of the CUP-W will be able to switch into the legal strike position.

It's expected that, if there's going to be any time during this dispute that could pose the biggest threat to a loss of local services, it's that late September date.  Though as aforementioned, people have already seen the effects of the strike impacting the way they get their mail. 

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While it will definitely be a waiting game for Canada Post customers with regard to how this strike pans out, we can only hope both Canada Post workers and executives can reach an agreement as soon as possible that is equally beneficial for both parties!

Until then, you may want to pay extra attention to your incoming and outgoing packages and mail, just in case! 

Source: Global News

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