2017 appears to be the 'Year of Canada' - on top of it being the country's sesquicentennial birthday, it was also ranked among the top ten best countries in the world to live in for this year.

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The United Nations recently released its annual Human Development Report, which ranked 200 countries based on the quality of life, life expectancy, education, gender equality and financial stability.

The top spot was taken by Norway for the 13th consecutive year, and got high marks for quality of life, life expectancy (approx. 82 years), excellent healthcare system and education. 

Canada, on the other hand, tied with the US in 10th. Canada ranked high when it came to education, while the US ranked high in financial power.

Here are the 20 best countries in the world to live in for 2017:

20. Luxembourg
19. Israel
18. Korea (Republic of)
17. Japan
16. United Kingdom
15. Liechtenstein
14. Sweden
13. New Zealand
12. Hong Kong, China
10. United States / Canada (tie)
9. Iceland
8. Ireland
7. Netherlands
6. Singapore
5. Denmark
4. Germany
3. Switzerland
2. Australia
1. Norway

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