Earlier this year, Canada launched a brand new nationwide alert system called Alert Ready. With Alert Ready, Canadians all over the country can be simultaneously notified of danger or safety concerns, such as terrorism threats and natural disasters, in the form of a cell phone notification.

Today, a second test has been scheduled across the country. Today's test comes after a recent report which indicated that only 60 percent of Canadians received the alert message on their phones during the first round of testing in the spring.

Alert Ready will be deploying a test of the system across Canada this afternoon. The test is scheduled for 1:55 PM local time on Wednesday, November 28th. If your wireless network settings are on LTE, a test emergency message will be sent to your phone. The notification may also come with a sound, so don't be alarmed if your phone pings loudly out of nowhere.

Programs on TV, the radio and all forms of broadcast will be interrupted to run the Alert Ready test as well. This process will allow the government of Canada to test their ability to deliver "life-saving'" notices to citizens across all platforms.

Back in May, the Ontario Provincial Police was inundated with complaints after Alert Ready sent out a series of emergency messages about an Amber Alert. The notification was sent three separate times and went off loudly even on phones set to "do not disturb" mode. 

The OPP responded by reminding the public that Alert Ready is designed to save lives. "People need to remember that it's a quick alert that could save a child's life," one OPP spokesperson said at the time.

Canadians don't have the option to opt out of the alerts either, the CRTC says, "given the importance of warning Canadians of imminent threats to their safety."

Hopefully, today's test will help refine the Alert Ready system for future use.

Source: CTV News


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