It takes somebody pretty brazen to steal a bag and make a food purchase like nothing happened. Well, in an unusual news story, one GTA man did and York Regional Police are now looking for him. Investigators are asking the public for help with identifying a Canada's Wonderland thief in Vaughan who is wanted after stealing someone's bag and immediately hitting up Wendy's for a Baconater.

Last month, the victim of the theft was at the amusement park, most likely taking in the last few days of summer at Canada's Wonderland north of Toronto. However, her day didn't turn out too well as her backpack was stolen. The bag contained her purse, keys, and cellphone.

Whoever stole her purse seemed to have one thing on his mind. He went to a Wendy's restaurant right after the crime and used the woman's stolen credit card to buy himself a burger. A Baconator, in fact.

"When investigators worked on this, they were able to track that the suspect had gone to the Wendy's right across the street from Wonderland and made a purchase there," a YRP spokesperson told Narcity.

Some might say fast food prices at some chains can be basically robbery. Well, this actually is robbery.

On Tuesday, September 24, the YRP sent out a news release asking for help in identifying the man. Images have been released and the service is asking anyone with information to contact York Regional Police #4 District Criminal Investigations Bureau.

Twitter, of course, had its say.

We make that one point for and one point against the quality of the Baconator, not that that's the real issue here.

In all seriousness, theft is a serious crime and it's unfortunate that at a place such as Canada's Wonderland, where you'd expect a fun day out, this woman's day was ruined.

If you think you may have real information on the crime or the suspect, YRP says you can call 1-866-876-5423, ext. 7441, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-tips, or leave an anonymous tip online at

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