An incident in Brampton, Ontario has Canadian police officers under fire for arresting a 12-year old boy. A video shared on Facebook shows a tense situation where a preteen was arrested, despite begging to be left alone. 

The incident occurred on September 28, 2018, when two teenage boys, aged 12 and 15, were arrested following a citizens complaint. Now, a second video has been shared showing a dispute between the 12-year-old boy's mother and law enforcement.

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The first video was posted on to Facebook shortly after the incident by Elizabeth Morrison, being viewed over 122,000 times and gaining over 1,000 comments and reactions online. 

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The 6-minute video shows an ordeal when it comes to arresting the 12-year-old. While he initially is up against the police car, he attempts to sit on the ground before being lifted by police up against the vehicle. You can hear him yell "leave me alone" multiple times as the officers struggle to get him into handcuffs. 

Via Elizabeth Morrison l Facebook

At 1:42, the 12-year-old once again pleads to be left alone when an officer bends down to the ground and explains "we've got to search you to see if you have weapons." Someone off camera can be heard reassuring the 12-year old that his mother is on her way. 

After the struggle, police placed the young boy in the car at the 4-minute mark and you can see them move to the rear of the vehicle to fill out paperwork. Meanwhile, a woman approaches the car and sticks her head in the front. 

In a second video, this time posted to YouTubeit becomes clear who the woman sticking her head into the police cruiser is; the mother of the arrested 12-year old. 

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The next 6 minutes show a vicious fight between the mother and Peel regional police over the 12-year old's arrest. At 1:50 his mother asks what weapon he has on him, to which the police say a taser. When she confirms that he no longer has the taser on him, she yells "then what the f*ck do you have him in there for?"

Via ahmed mohamed l YouTube

At this point, the police officers say something to the boy's mother about marijuana possession. This is the first time we hear police say they found marijuana on the boy, 20 days before legalization comes to Canada. 

While the police are concerned about possession of the substance, the 12-year old's mother simply says "you smoke marijuana" and "I don't give a f*ck." When his mother states that her son doesn't have a taser and the police only heard something to arrest him, the officer says that "she will be under arrest shortly" too. 

At 4:16 in the video his mother stated that the incident is once again the narrative of police arresting black youth, proclaiming "if that was a white kid, he would not f*cking be in there."

Via Elizabeth Morrison l Facebook

Narcity contacted Peel Police to further understand how the situation unfolded and why the teenagers were investigated in the first place. In a statement, police said, "Peel Regional Police received a call from a member of the public stating that two teenage boys were walking on Edenbrook Hill Drive, Brampton with a weapon believed to be a taser. The Complainant further advised that he had seen the males in the area with the taser for a couple of days."

During the police investigation two teenagers were arrested, the 12-year-old boy, as well a 15-year old he was with during the event. Peel police have stated that the "15-year-old boy was charged with Possession of a Prohibited Device and Breach of Recognizance. When the 12-year-old boy was searched following the arrest, a quantity of marijuana was located in his possession. At the conclusion of the investigation a decision was made to proceed by way of extrajudicial measures as opposed to a criminal charge. The boy was released by way of caution into his parent’s custody."

Both of the teenagers have not been identified by media and remain protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.


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