While the food guide may just recently be favouring a more vegan-inspired lifestyle, most Canadians have already become well acquainted with the rising trend of veganism. From dozens of new vegan restaurants popping up across major cities in the country to more vegan options arriving at already established chain restaurants, it's clear that veganism is 'in' this year. Meaning that when a Montréal based vegan chain announced a 200+ store expansion, Canadians couldn't be more excited. 

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The chain in question called Copper Branch currently has 30 open locations found throughout Canada - but they clearly have plans to take over the globe. The easiest way to describe the chain would be comparing it to a vegan version of Panera Bread. The chain serves everything between power bowls, chili and soup to burgers and sandwiches. In the drink department, they offer options like smoothies, coffee, tea and lattes.  

This past week, the chain announced that they are planning to go beyond just Canada and take their brand worldwide. By the end of this year, they aim to open 80 new locations and an additional 150 by 2020. According to the chain's website, "Our goal is to branch across the globe, serving you, your friends, and family great tasting, chef-inspired, and conveniently-served plant-based meals in an effort to nourish and inspire the mainstream with proven Power Foods.” 

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The expansion into America will start with a big leap as Copper Branch chose New York to feature the first international location that will open mid-February at 195 Bleecker Street. The brand chose the big apple as it "provides great visibility for the brand and is one of the world's most recognized active and forward-thinking cities" according to Copper Branch's CEO Rio Infantino. 

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It's definitely exciting for Canadians to see a local brand beginning its global takeover, especially when the goal of the restaurants is to make healthy eating more accessible. While more information on the other store locations hasn't been released, it's clear that if you haven't yet been to Copper Branch, you're going to start seeing them a lot more in the next two years, whether you're in Canada or not! 

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To learn more about Copper Branch or find a location closest to you, you can visit their website by clicking here

Source: Live Kindly 

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