An unexpected legal battle is taking place between a Canadian NHL hockey team and a famous American rapper. It all started when the Toronto Maple Leafs decided to sue Snoop Dogg's new cannabis start-up, Leafs by Snoop. Canadians are now siding with Snoop Dogg over the Toronto Maple Leafs suing him for "copying" their logo and name

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The Toronto Maple Leafs formally filed a legal opposition against Snoop Dogg's new cannabis company in December 2018, four months after the rapper had filed to trademark the company's branding and intellectual property in July. The NHL team said that the "unusual spelling of Leafs could lead to confusion", according to The Independent. Not only were they upset about the name, but the logo too. 

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"[Snoop Dogg's] design mark uses a white font enclosed within a wide-shaped leaf with three large segments at the top of the mark, a design echoing and highly similar to the MAPLE LEAFS’ design marks", argued the Toronto Maple Leafs in the legal documentation, according to The Independent.

Check out the two logos below and compare for yourself. 

Canadians are siding with Snoop Dogg in this legal battle. Many are ripping apart the Toronto Maple Leafs for claiming the rapper's weed company's branding is ripping off the hockey team's logo. 

Some just took the opportunity to unveil their savage thoughts on the Maple Leafs themselves. 

Neither of the parties have publically commented on the legal drama. It doesn't seem like a legal decision has been made yet to whether Snoop Dogg can keep the name and logo for Leafs by Snoop.

Stay tuned to find out who wins this legal battle – if we were basing it on public opinion, Snoop would come out on top. 

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