Tim Hortons has been serving coffee to Canadians since 1964 and quickly became the obvious choice for your daily coffee. Yet recently, the coffee brand has been under fire with new competitors and changes in ownership. 

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While some have gone as far as declaring Canada's love for Tim Hortons over, I wouldn't be so quick to jump on that train. Sure, Canadian cities are full of independent and chain coffee shops, but even if Tim Horton's coffee isn't the best it's still a second home to everyone in Canada. 

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Now before you start listing all the reasons you hate going to Tim Hortons, I'll explain why you're wrong. The coffee may be basic, but where else can you get an Iced Capp? Starbucks may have a Frappucino and McDonalds a Frappe, but nothing tastes the same as ice and coffee blended with cream and excessive sugar. 

Don't believe me? Let me show you all the Canadians who agree. 

That's not even mentioning other drinks unique to Tim Hortons, like the French Vanilla or their Peach Juice that's basically heaven in a bottle. 

It's not like Tim Horton's is limiting you to only buying their coffee, the other options are what make this Canadian staple so important. No childhood road trip was complete without it. 

Now you may be thinking right now that you don't care for their drinks, no matter what I tell you. While you think you're outsmarting me with that there is one thing you forgot. 

Tim Horton's sells doughnuts, cookies, cinnamon rolls, pastries, bagels, and their signature Timbit. That means there are so many delicious treats that you could spend time stuffing in your pie hole instead of complaining. 

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It's patriotic to love Tim Hortons, but Canadians don't want to subject themselves to their coffee on the daily anymore. It looks like other brands have quickly become the favourite for drip-coffee, but not other products. 

Narcity recently polled Canadians to see whether they prefer Tim Hortons or Starbucks coffee and the numbers came out almost 50/50. You can't say Canada doesn't love something if half of the country still does!

A Reddit thread recently discussed why Canadians were over the brand and the answer was clear. It's only the coffee everyone hates. 

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

While we may be seeing a decline in Tim Hortons due to tons of competition, there is never going to be a brand that's equivalent in Canadian patriotism. Changes may be on the horizon for the coffee brand but at least they know that Canada's got their back. 

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