Bundle up, Toronto. There's an extreme cold weather warning, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

According to Environment Canada, the city is expected to have increasing cloudiness this afternoon with a 40% chance of flurries in the evening and after midnight. It'll clear before morning, but we're still going to get winds up to 15 km/h. Oh, and the windchill will make temperatures feel like -27°C.

If you've got spare hats, mits and extra layers of clothing lying around, you may want to break them out.

via @mindz.eye

Temperatures today are expected to drop to a chilly -8°C but feel like -13°C this afternoon, and if you think that's cold, we're in store for -18°C tonight with a windchill that will make it feel like almost -30°C.

You'll wake up tomorrow with a lovely high of -8°C and a -27°C windchill. If you thought it was normally hard to get out of bed, you're in for a treat tomorrow.

via @mindz.eye

The weather will no doubt result in some TTC and GO Transit delays, so expect slower service than usual and longer wait times for taxis. The city has also issued an extreme cold weather alert, so fun winter activities like Nathan Phillips Square Holiday Fair have been closed until further notice.

But while ice-cold wind lashing at your face may not be an enjoyable effect of this extreme cold weather, the negative temperatures do make for an incredible winter wonderland across the city. 

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