Chair Girl may have been frolicking free in Atlanta and Miami over the past few days, if we're to believe her IG anyway, but that's going to have to end abruptly when she comes back through customs at Pearson.

All travelers, even cool rule-breakers, need to quarantine themselves for 14 days when they get back from outside the country.

But if Marcella Zoia was thinking of stocking up on some party favours to tide her over, she'll have to find some pretty specialized providers.

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Go directly to your place of quarantine without delay and stay there for 14 days from the date you arrived in Canada.

Government of Canada

"If you need food," the site says, "use a drive-through."

She's also going to need to wear a mask, which if those recent pics aren't latergrams, she has most definitely not been doing in the States.

You also should, "where possible," use private transportation; that one shouldn't be a problem for the conspicuously high-living Toronto social celeb.

"If you need gas," it continues, "pay at a pump."

Basically, Marcella isn't supposed to make contact with any other humans for a full 14 days. Will she play by the rules? If not, we're sure we'll see it on her Instagram feed.

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