Charges have now been dropped against the father of a five-year-old girl who was accused of abducting his daughter in an Amber Alert this Tuesday. Police issued the alert after the 25-year-old father removed his daughter from class at Armadale Public School, which is located in Markham, at around 2:00 PM yesterday.

According to York Regional Police, the girl and her father were later found safe in Markham, Ontario. Police operated under the idea that the father had kidnapped his daughter by signing her out of her classroom, which the police believed he did not have the legal ability to do. However, when questioned about the matter, school officials reveal they were unaware of the restriction.

It is uncertain at this moment whether it was a misunderstanding on the police's part or if the father's prior behaviour had put them on high alert. According to Constable Andy Pattenden who spoke with CBC, York police will not be providing any further details on the incident.

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Police were forced to remind residents that 911 is to be used strictly to request emergency services after a flood of people used the number to complain about receiving the Amber Alert on Tuesday evening. A similar incident unfolded back in February when a late-night alert caused a flurry of disgruntled residents to call the emergency line.

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“I can’t even begin to describe how disappointing and upsetting it is to read the comments, emails and calls to our communications bureau complaining about receiving an Amber Alert late at night,” Constable Akhil Mooken had tweeted out at the time.

The alert had been issued for 11-year-old Riya Rajkumar who was later found dead in  her father’s basement apartment in Brampton.

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