It's almost the time that we've all been waiting for. This weekend marks the first weekend that High Park will be opening their annual Cherry Blossom Festival. While all Torontonians will be rushing to the park to grab Instagram worthy photos of the pink-tinted trees, Toronto has issued multiple warnings for the Cherry Blossom Festival. 

Starting Saturday, May 4, the Cherry Blossom Festival will be blooming. With thousands of locals and tourists gathering together to admire the beautiful sights, the park will be bustling until the end of the festival on Monday, May 13, 2019. 

However, as the Cherry Blossom Festival draws near, the Toronto Foresty has released a few warnings that visitors should keep in mind while they are taking photos of the trees. 

In a tweet that the Toronto Forestry released yesterday, they remind readers that cherry blossom trees are easily damaged, especially when thousands of people visit them each year. In order to keep the damage to a minimum, they are asking visitors to never cut or rip off branches or blossoms from the trees. 

While photos are encouraged, they are also asking visitors to never climb the trees as this can also cause a lot of damage. They are also asking visitors to not tie things to the trees during their visit. 

While the sight of cherry blossoms are breath takings, and everyone wants to grab a photo, Toronto Foresty is reminding you that these trees are also living and visitors should be careful when around them. 

Of course, as the Cherry Blossom Festival draws near, the Toronto Police have also issued a warning for that week. 

Toronto Police are warning that High Park will be closed to all non-essential vehicles throughout May 4- May 13. The road closures will be put in place at 7 AM on Saturday. 

Police are also warning any commuters or motorists who travel near the area of High Park to consider taking alternate routes of methods of transportations during the festival. Traffic delays are expected due to the influx of people who will be in the area throughout the week. 

So remember Torontonians, make sure to be respectful to the trees while getting that perfect Instagram photo this coming week. 

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