Torontonians are no strangers to the issue of fare evasion. The hard truth is the city loses millions of dollars every year thanks to fare evaders, and there is no easy fix to the issue. Now, the TTC is looking at banning the child PRESTO card in attempts to curb the amount of money that the company is loosing. 

Not all evaders are the same. While some bold individuals may choose to board a subway or streetcars without a PRESTO card handy, others decide to go a slightly sneakier route.

According to CP24, the TTC loses over $12 million a year to fare evaders who purchase the child card and use them illegally.

For those of you who might be unaware, child PRESTO cards look basically identical to regular presto cards, except they let you board for free.

The piece of plastic, which was designed to ensure children 6-12 always have a safe way home, have become notoriously easy to purchase as an adult.

According to NEWSTALK 1010, the TTC is exploring the "feasibility" of removing the card.

However, the plan is still to let children 12 and under ride for free, but the transit agency wants to explore the option of doing so, without them needing a PRESTO card.

TTC CEO Ricky Leary is reportedly also calling for better fare evasion prevention tactics, including adding more fare enforcement officers and station cameras.

"The TTC's camera strategy in subway stations took a step forward in December 2019 with a pilot of a 360-degree axis view camera installation at Yonge/Bloor Station connected to an advanced video management system," a memo from Leary read.

"This is expected to be the new video management system standard in TTC stations with camera feeds connected to key Station 'Hubs' starting in 2020. This will improve customer and employee safety along with helping crackdown on fare evasion and other bad behaviour in the system."

However, child PRESTO cards aren't the only issue when it comes to fare evasion. 


Last year, it was even confirmed that people were using their dogs in attempts to sneak onto the TTC without paying. 

It's worth noting that the TTC board is still in the early stages of reviewing its options. Further developments are expected.

Narcity reached out to the TTC for further comment but has yet to hear back. 

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