If you love cheese, and you love chocolate you'll probably be obsessed with this new chocolate cheese.  Or you'll just be really fvcking conflicted, like me.

This new groundbreaking creation was made in Melbourne by "dairy-specialists" that work at a company called Curds & Whey.  The chocolate cheese has been a huge hit so far, and is currently sold out due to popular demand.  They even created a waitlist for those looking to be first in line for the next order.

For those of you wondering exactly what this cheese is, it's basically a mild & delicate blue cheese that is ripened with Choco 21 Liqueur and rubbed with cocoa.  And of course topped with a few chocolate chips.

It seems as though Curds & Whey may have created the ultimate break up food, and paired with a bottle of wine could make for a pretty good addition to a boozy girls night! As of right now I'm still trying to wrap my head around the combination, but it seems like the majority of the internet is in the same shoes as me.

via @curdswhey

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