People are doing their best to follow the rules put in place during the pandemic. That still appears to be the case even with today's Christie Pits protest. People attending the event were photographed wearing masks and doing their best to stay apart.

The event, which is being held to protest the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet, began at 2:00 PM in Christie Pits Park.

Korchinski-Paquet died after falling from an apartment balcony. Her family alleged that she was pushed by Toronto Police, and an SIU investigation is taking place.

The plan is to march from the park to The Ontario Legislative Building downtown.

According to tweets shared about the event, some attendees showed up early with food, water, and PPE.

"Handing out PPE, water and snacks for free at Christie Pits prior to the walk. Speaker is requesting that everyone wears a mask (which is provided for free)," wrote @KlaraQuinton.

Photos shared by user @lorenzojuniah show groups of people spreading out on the surrounding streets.

Some people are even sharing important information for everyone attending the protest to know.

"Sharing for those who are able to go to the protest today at Christie Pits, starting at 2PM. Please stay as safe as possible With you in solidarity," wrote @belindarona.

Her tweet included infographics about staying six feet apart and marching in groups of five or fewer.

Mayor John Tory said he understood the frustration felt by people attending today's protest, and asked that they practice safe social distancing, according to the Toronto Star.

A similar protest will also be taking place on May 31 in Montreal, with attendees of that event also being asked to respect social distancing protocols and wear masks if possible.

Both protests come as riots over the killing of black people by police officers rage in cities across the United States.

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