The City of Toronto has been dealing with near impossible traffic on the roads that surround the Yorkdale Shopping Centre for years. When holidays and summer days roll around, many residents near the area find the roads almost impossible to navigate. To help fix this problem, the city is launching a project to reduce this traffic, and it includes a new neighbourhood being built over top of Yorkdale's parking lot. 

While the main goal of this new project is to develop better access to Highway 401 from the Yorkdale Shopping Centre, better transportation and to reduce the amount of traffic, there is one other project that the city also has in mind. 

Planners who have submitted their proposals to the City also included a new neighbourhood that will be built on the malls massive above ground parking lot. This new neighborhood is expected to cover 680,000 square meters and includes the north and west areas of the main mall. 

The main goal for this part of the project and this new neighbourhood is to build up to 1,500 new rental apartments throughout the area and move the parking lot that is currently taking up space underground. 

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However, this project won't happen overnight.  While plans are already being drawn up by the City of Toronto, the full transformation is expected to take up to twenty years. 

Yorkdale vice president Claire Santamaria spoke out to CBC about the ongoing project, stating, "We're not sure what the mix is going to be at this point, but the area will be densified and the needs of the community will dictate exactly how. Transportation nodes and pedestrian nodes are going to be a focus for sure,". 

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While the neighbourhood is definitely in the future for the City of Toronto, planners still aren't sure how residential the area is going to be. While some plans focus on the majority of the new area being residential, other plans also include hotels, office spaces, and even green space mixed in with the apartment buildings. 

Yet, the City of Toronto states that one of their main goals is to ensure that they meet the needs of the already existing residents within the area. 

One thing is for sure, Yorkdale's massive parking lot will definitely be making a change, hopefully for the better. 

Source: CBC News

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