Friday was finally the day that thousands of people took to the streets of the 6ix for the climate strike Toronto. It was the largest crowd to fill the city since the Raptors' victory parade back in June, and while numerous people probably attended both rallies, maybe only one sign did. A man decked out in Raptors gear took the green initiative to heart by even recycling his sign.

Aerial photos and videos from above illustrated the size and scale of the climate march in the 6ix and other cities across the country as people of all ages and backgrounds came out in force to champion the cause.

While the motivation behind the march is clearly one that should be taken seriously, a fun side note of the event and the day was the wide range of homemade signs on show.

Torontonians did themselves proud with their selection of slogans and images, while the rest of Canada also stepped up to the plate.

One guy, though, arguably stole the show in Toronto.

Photos circled of a young man in what appears to be head-to-toe Raptors gear — he certainly had the vest and the socks — holding a cheekily repurposed sign.

Raptors vs. Everybody, a popular theme and slogan during the team's run to becoming NBA champions last season, has become Climate Change vs. Everybody.

Now, we all endeavour to be as environmentally-conscious as we can be, of course. But going as far as to recycle the sign from the city's last widescale parade? That's a real green initiative right there, and we say "good work" to this guy!

Let's just hope this photo doesn't spark the inevitable debate about which parade was "better," eh? We're all fighting for the same teams.

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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