Torontonians on Twitter were in for an unexpected and somewhat worrisome surprise today after a trending topic had some people fearing the worst about the CN Tower. The city’s beloved landmark randomly began trending on Twitter early Tuesday morning. The CN Tower trending on Twitter definitely had enough people curious, so naturally, we had to investigate.

It was reported on CP24 that the Toronto landmark began trending on Twitter simply because enough tourists were snapping and sharing photos of it. Most people on Twitter seem convinced of this too, though there's no clear evidence of how the trend got picked up in the first place. 

"Trending topics can be quite organic at times and might not necessarily be related to an event or news item," said Cam Gordon, Head of Communications at Twitter Canada, to Narcity. "A look at the #CNTower hashtag shows people from Toronto and elsewhere sharing memories of past visits and talking about its place as one of our countries iconic landmarks. Who wouldn't want to talk about the CN Tower on Twitter: it's a very tall, very impressive tower!" 

One thing is for sure - paranoid Torontonians didn’t need coffee to wake up this morning:

According to Rethink Media, Twitter’s algorithm decides what is trending by looking at sharp spikes in popularity, as opposed to gradual and sustained growth. So, basically, trends are selected by a combination of volume and the time it takes to create that volume. A sudden one-day increase would make a topic trendy, while a steady growth over 30 days would just make it news.

After realizing that nothing terrible had happened to the tower, residents took it as an opportunity to appreciate it in all its glory:

Maybe it is just wholesome appreciation that had the tower popping up in Toronto's Twitter trends morning. It is certainly nice to see the tower get a little love, even if it did momentarily cause a panic. Whoops.

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