The US state of Colorado is currently in the grip of a destructive late-winter storm. The Colorado storm, called a “bomb cyclone”, is proving to be just as menacing as it sounds. Troops from the National Guard are using specialized vehicles to help rescue those stranded.

The powerful storm caused mass flight cancellations, total whiteout conditions, floods, tornados, and blizzards to wreak havoc across more than 25 states in the US on Wednesday. "This is a very epic cyclone," explained Greg Carbin according to CTV News.

Carbin, who is the chief of forecast operations for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Weather Prediction Center, went on to explain the record-breaking details of the high-powered storm. "We're looking at something that will go down in the history books," he says.

Footage of yesterday’s cyclone shows the storm ripping trees out of the ground, drastically reducing visibility and delaying emergency services. Another video posted on Twitter shows a man launching a balloon into the whipping winds and watching as the floating device is sucked into the cyclone, disappearing in seconds:

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Canada may have been hit with its own tirade of snowstorms this winter, but compared to the storm tearing through the US Midwest, Canadians lucked out.

Saskatchewan broke records this winter after high pressured artic winds leveled the province. The bitterly cold winds dropped the province’s temperature down to -40°C back in early February.

Meanwhile, Toronto broke its own record back in January for single-day snowfall. About 26.4 cm of snow blanketed the city as schools across the GTA were forced to close down due to the overwhelming weather conditions.

Although Canada was not hit by a “bomb cyclone” we did have a run-in with the polar vortex. Back in March, Alberta faced brutally chilling temperatures, with the worse windchills reaching as low as -50°C, as the vortex made its way east.

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Canadians are proud of their ability to withstand winter. We celebrate slogans like “We The North” and take pride in the fact that we can rock a spring jacket into December. That being said, I think we can all rejoice in the fact that we didn’t have to deal with any history-making “bomb cyclones” this year.

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