Another start to the week and another massive TTC delay. What else is new? Seems to happen all the time.  

So, where is the issue today you're wondering? 

The delay today is on the Bloor-Danforth line between Warden and Castle Frank stations due to issues with the signal system.  

And as usual people are complaining about it. 

The TTC says people can expect a 10 minute longer travel time between the stations, but this writer had to wait 20 minutes at one station so maybe take that with a grain of salt.  

Not everyone else is taking the TTC at their word either. 

Unfortunately, as just about everyone who lives in the city, knows this is a regular occurrence on the TTC. 

So if you're planning on heading out this morning on the subway please be advised that you may end up being late for work unless you plan on leaving extra early.  

Source: TTC

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