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The Canadian wine and spirits company that you love without knowing it wants you to stay safe this holiday season. As part of their campaign to end drinking and driving, the company is attaching a TTC token to every bottle of their Wiser whiskey, with a little note that says, "Your safe ride is on us!" Pretty dope, right?

This is just a tiny part of their responsible drinking initiative. Corby is also the sponsor of the TTC's 24 hour New Years Eve service. That's right, they're the reason you get to party until God knows when and stumble home on the green line an hour before the sun goes up. They've also been named one of Canada's top 50 places to work, so it looks like they're just all around awesome.

It's nice to know that next time you go out partying, you've got a way back home, courtesy of your bottle of whiskey.

Source - Reddit

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