Although there aren't confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Ontario, it's far from being ruled out. Health Minister Christine Elliott announced it is considered “not unlikely” that the deadly virus will make its way to the province at some point. And Pearson Airport is already taking precautionary measures. 

In a release issued Wednesday, January 22, Elliott warned: "While the risks posed by this new coronavirus to Ontarians remain low, the province is actively monitoring and is fully prepared to respond.

As quoted by CP24, she added in a news conference on Wednesday: "It is not unlikely that we will receive cases but I think it is important for everyone to know that we have the necessary processes, procedures and safeguards in place to make sure we protect all the people of Ontario."

In the release, she adds that the government is giving designation to the disease so that doctors and hospitals are required to report a suspected or confirmed case.

And, as well as preparing for the containment of any cases, measures are being taken to try to stop the illness, which has already killed at least 17 people in the past month or so.

According to Global News, the Canadian Border Services Agency is collaborating with the Public Health Agency of Canada in hopes of stopping the illness from entering the country.

International travellers will be questioned to determine if they have visited the city of Wuhan in China, where the outbreak was first reported.

“Travellers who have visited Wuhan will be subject to additional screening to help prevent the possible spread of this infectious disease into Canada," said the CBSA.

Other city hubs making the same move include Montreal and Vancouver international airports. Awareness campaigns are also planned on these sites.

Passengers who are experiencing flu-like symptoms will be referred to the public health agency's quarantine officer, according to the CBSA's statement.

However, according to Allison McGreer, infectious disease expert at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, per Global, it cannot fully prevent it from spreading.

There are currently no direct flights from Wuhan to Canada. However, there's a significant chance of flights connecting from the city.

According to the World Health Organization, the common signs of coronavirus infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, and breathing difficulties.

The infection can even cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and even death.

Meanwhile, CNN health states that scientists believe this virus started in other animals and spread to humans. It is highly recommended to cook meat and eggs very well as a precaution.

Other preventative methods include the usual suspects. Hand washing, covering the mouth and nose when coughing, avoiding people who show flu-like symptoms, and other common-sense approaches.

Especially this winter, with a particularly troublesome flu season already underway in Ontario, it's important to protect yourself just in case.

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