It seems there is always some sort of news revolving Toronto taxis: 

The National Post just released that a corrupt ring of taxi drivers has been stealing debit and credit cards from late-night passengers since late November. They would then empty out the victims bank account...

So how did they do it? They would use point-of-sale machines that would swipe the info from the rider's card, and then give the rider a fake card that looked similar to their own. Customers would then not realize that it wasn't their card, which gave the criminals time to go to the nearest ATM and take out the balance of the customers bank account.

For you to fully understand the scope of this issue, TD Bank alone has filed 65 claims. This is definitely the work of more than one person.

One rider told CityNews that $720 was stolen from her bank account after a cab driver took her TD bank card and gave her back a TD card with a different name and account number. She said the driver refused to accept cash, saying he couldn’t make change...

If taking a cab, make sure to pay with cash or ask in advance if they take cash. Better yet...just take an Uber.

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