This is not what "essential only" means. Some Mississauga non-essential businesses have apparently decided to remain open despite emergency orders and some of them are pretty random. Mayor Bonnie Crombie said on Wednesday that the city has issued less than 100 fines related to emergency orders regarding COVID-19 in Mississauga but stressed that some stores have definitely been in violation.

A statement from Mayor Crombie's office emailed to Narcity on Wednesday, April 29, shares that Mississauga has issued 95 tickets so far due to violations of emergency and health orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic.*

More than half of those tickets have been due to large groups gathering or stores that are most certainly non-essential still doing business.

And when it comes to those non-essential stores, the list includes some pretty bizarre businesses.

For a start, a balloon store was among those stores which had their illusion of being deemed essential popped by the city. Yes, really.

In the email sent to Narcity, Mayor Crombie's office broke down the fines that have been levied against businesses.

Of the 27 tickets that have been issued in total to non-essential businesses, nine of them were handed to vape shops.

They also included the likes of a massage parlour, a dance studio, and two shisha stores, and the offending balloon store.

A statement attributed to Mayor Crombie read: "While unfortunate, with the warmer weather, we continue to see people violating park amenity closures, not keeping a safe distance or bending the rules when it comes to gatherings with family and friends. 

"For those that think this is a bit harsh, know that the people we are ticketing are fully aware of the rules and are choosing to ignore them."

The statement added: "While for the most part, we have had great compliance, we continue to have to crack down on businesses who refuse to close their doors. Close your doors, or we will do it for you. We will continue to have boots on the ground and do our part to keep residents safe.”

And social distancing fines are still being placed, too.

Just last week, a group of six men met up in a car for a pizza party and got served a hefty fine since they were all from different households.

In addition to Mississauga's fines for lack of social distancing and non-essential businesses, Crombie's office told Narcity that five fines have been handed out to people who are still trying to use parks.

About 38 fines have also been given to people littering their face masks and gloves mostly found outside grocery stores.

Despite constant reminders, people still don't seem to get it, especially on warm days like this past weekend which saw many complaints in Toronto due to people ignoring social distancing rules.

Mississauga and the wider Peel Region has suffered badly from COVID-19 over the last few weeks, with a notable strain on the city's healthcare workers. Earlier this month, 76 staff at Trillium Health Partners tested positive.

The city has also got some payback from former residents, though. Notably, the New York Knicks' Sauga-born star RJ Barrett made a big donation to Mississauga Food Bank and THP hospital staff.

*This article has been updated.

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