It's been a busy week for Peel Region's public health sector. Their Medical Officer of Health has apologized after 16 residents received the wrong COVID-19 test results earlier this week. The group of 16 were all positive for COVID-19, but the results told them that they had tested negative.

According to a news release, the letters were mailed out to on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and the discrepancy was noticed on Thursday. 

"Thursday night, I learned that we accidentally mailed letters to 16 residents that advised them that their COVID-19 test results were negative when, in fact, they were positive," said Lawrence C. Loh, Interim Medical Officer of Health in the statement.

"These letters were mailed on Tuesday and Wednesday." 

It is unclear how the test slips got mixed up, but they have conducted an investigation to account for the error.

Peel Region has announced that they have made changes to their results process to stop it from happening again.

"On investigation, we found that several positive test slips were mixed with a batch of negative results received from labs. This error was not noticed until after the notification letters were mailed. We have made changes to our process to ensure that this situation does not occur again in the future."

The mayor of Brampton, Patrick Brown, told CityNews that 15 of the 16 residents were called before they received the letter informing them that their test results were positive. 

"I would note that everyone was called with their positive results before they got the letter, except for one person and so they were able to clean up this clerical error rather quickly," he confirmed.

The mayor of Brampton also took a moment to recognize the outstanding work that healthcare professionals are doing at this time.

"I know they're under a lot of stress. Our physicians and nurses are taking on such a load right now...I'm grateful that we have these dedicated healthcare workers for us in Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon."

As of Friday morning, there are 362 positive COVID-19 results in Peel Region, according to their website

There are 2,793 confirmed cases in Ontario as of Friday morning. 

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