Toronto artist Deadmau5 was not too happy after seeing this year's line up for the Toronto Fringe Festival. On the schedule was a performance entitled "Deadmouse: the musical," which was set to run from July 3-11 with the following description:

"Deadmouse: The Musical is a comedy about a mouse who aspires to be a house DJ but is discriminated against for being a mouse. Joel Zimmermouse must team up with his best friend David Goudda and his flame, Cat, to overcome speciest discrimination and the mouse hating House DJ Avicheese . Not featuring the music of Deadmau5 . Book of Mormon meets Ratatouille." 

 Despite that hilariously pun-tastic premise, after seeing this, Deadmau5 had his lawyers send a good old cease and desist to the theatre that was putting on the musical, demanding that they stop any and all commercial activity associated with Deadmau5. Deadmau5 then took to Twitter to publicly let out his frustration.

He also posted the full cease and desist letter, which you can check out below. The theatre has now labelled the musical as a parody, which means they've evaded legal action from Deadmau5 and can continue on with their production. For ticket information, check out the Fringe Festival website, here.


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