If you're flying Friday, you might want to check your flight status, because there are a ton of delays at Toronto's Pearson airport. The bad weather in Ontario is still going strong, and it is affecting travel times as well as roads. Crews are working hard to plough the take-off runways, but the flurries are persisting.  

Toronto Pearson has tweeted a warning to travellers, asking everyone to check the status of their flight with their airline. 

"Snow may cause delays and cancellations today. If you’re flying, please check your flight status with your airline," Pearson warns in a tweet

Most of the flights this morning are delayed, as per their website. The afternoon flights may be at risk of change as well, depending on if the low visibility and wet weather continue. 

The delays were heavy this morning, with dozens of flights on the board experiencing some kind of interruption.

It looks like a lot of the flights later in the morning are more or less on time, but it's encouraged that you stay up to date on their status anyway, because the snow isn't slowing down.

Pearson told Narcity that, "We are seeing delays and cancellations due to the weather that the region is experiencing.  Our teams have been working over the past few days to prepare and we have staff ready in our central deicing facility and our snow removal teams." 

"Currently, we have 8.08 % cancelled departures and 10.36% cancelled arrivals for the today. These numbers could change and are updated on our website."*

However, it's not just flights that are being affected due to these snowy conditions. 

There have already been a ton of accidents on the roads in the past 24 hours.

According to Sgt. Kerry Schmidt's tweet, there have been 160 collisions on the roads in the past 12 hours.

It looks like the snow isn't done yet in southern Ontario. The Weather Network is predicting more snow throughout the morning, and it will affect travel. 

Certain areas, such as Kingston and Ottawa, could get up to 30 centimetres of snow. 

Although the GTA seems to be out of the way of the storm, we are still expected to get at around 5 centimetres or more through Saturday.

*This article has been updated to include a statement from Pearson Airport. 

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