It looks like Doug Ford has more skills than just being the premier of Ontario. 

The provincial leader held a moustache fashion show this weekend and couldn't stop giggling. 

Ford posted a video of himself trying on several fake moustaches on Sunday, and it was goofy as heck.

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The Ontario leader jokes that he's "not a moustache guy" before trying a few different looks.

Despite its kookiness, the premier's stunt was a wholesome attempt to raise awareness for a serious disease.

Ford showed his support for Movember, an annual event that sees men grow out mustaches to fight prostate cancer.

The initiative began back in 2003 and ran alongside The Movember Foundation, a charity that raises money for men's health.

"Folks, all the guys out there who can grow a moustache unlike me and look a lot better than what I look like with a moustache, support Movember," Ford stated at the end of the video. 


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