Doug Ford’s comments are causing quite the stir - again. Ford’s government announced on Thursday that they would be changing the Ontario Trillium logo design, which has been the provincial government's official symbol for 13 years. The reason being that the current Ontario government logo looks too much like "three men in a hot tub", Ford claims.

Ford’s hilariously accurate observation has many Ontarians wondering how his mind works. Some are even calling on Ford to get his mind out of the gutter.

Others took offence to the fact that Ford seemed to indicate that three men hanging in a hot tub together is a bad thing, saying that Ford feels "threatened" by the idea. Take a look:

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Most people, though, are simply shocked that they have never noticed this optical illusion in Ontario's Trillium flower logo before. Even Ontarians against Ford are starting to admit that the Premier is finally right about something.

Funny enough, this actually isn’t even the first time that such a comparison has been made. Back in 2006, Dalton McGuinty faced backlash after first introducing the design with people offering a similar criticism about the logo at the time.

Ford found himself in hot water earlier this week when he announced his proposal to change the design of Ontario’s commercial vehicle license plates. Ontario plates currently feature the touching motto “Yours To Discover” on them - if Ford has his way, the plates will soon say “Open For Business” instead.

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Unsurprisingly, many thought Ford’s suggestion for the new plates was a little soulless and went after the Premier for altering the timeless slogan:

Whatever your opinion is on the changes, you have to admit that Ford sure knows how to get a province-wide discussion going.

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