Doug Ford has been the Premier of Ontario since he was sworn in back in late June after he and his Progressive Conservative party won a landslide election.

While most of the province voted for him, many people in Toronto were very unhappy with the result. The PC’s won many of the suburbs of the city, but the NDP dominated much of what people know as Toronto.

Some people in the city are now starting to wonder if Ford really has their best interests at heart. 

Many people in Toronto think that since being elected, Ford has focused attention on trying to settle old scores from when he was a city councillor.

Ford's government recently passed a bill cutting the size of Toronto's city council almost in half, a move many in the city did not like.   

Ford has argued that cutting the size of the council would be a way to save the government money, and allow for more productivity with less arguing. 

But, many in the city saw it as an attack on democracy. 

The city has launched a legal challenge against the cut to the size of council in the hopes of reversing it before the election later this year.  

Ford has also moved to have the provincial government take over the TTC. Doing so would allow his government, "to implement a more efficient regional transit system, reduce costs and build transit faster," according to a press release put out by the province. 

Many in the city are opposed to the idea, though. 

There are even petitions being started against the plan.

Ford may be the leader of the province, but it's clear many in the city are unhappy with his leadership. 

Sources: CBC, Global News, The Record

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