Premier Doug Ford was captured on video this morning unveiling Ontario's first-ever "Welcome to Ontario, Open for Business" sign. The massive sign has been planted at the US border crossing into Sarnia, Ontario. In the video, Ford reveals the sign from its covering and claps. He can be heard saying, "Oh, that is nice. A quality sign."

Premier Ford previously announced that the signs will be placed at every US border crossing into the province. “We’re going to make sure the world knows that we now have a province that encourages businesses to open up,” Ford proudly explained to the media on Monday.

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But, much to the annoyance of most Ontarians, Ford has yet to let the public know how much these signs will cost. "I'm not too sure, but I'll find out and get back to you," is all Ford has said so far on the matter.

Ontario has used the video as an opportunity to share their opinions which, as you can probably guess, are all negative:

As for the unveiling of the first sign, not a single person seems to have anything positive to say about it. Whether you're a Ford supporter or not, most Ontarians will likely agree that the posters aren't exactly the best use of taxpayer dollars. 

If Ford continues to stay silent on the cost, Ontarians may as well take matters into their own hands by asking sign suppliers for price estimations. In fact, we may just do that ourselves. Stay tuned. 

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Source: CityNews



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