New Democrat MPP Suze Morrison lost her cool this Wednesday while questioning the Attorney General about a supposed lack of funding for rape crisis centre across Ontario. Morrison attacked the Minister for withholding the promised funding for the centres while outlining the reasons why she believes the government is failing the victims.

In a short clip of the exchange, Morrison can be seen finishing off the last of her impassioned remarks before slamming a piece of paper onto the table. The act of defiance then spurns several members of the cabinet to stand and applaud the argument - that’s when things got out of control. As order slowly starts to return to the room with cabinet members taking their seats, Morrison can be heard shouting off-camera.

In another video which captured Morrison’s outburst in which she can be seen pointing at someone offscreen and yelling “Shame on you!” at the top of her lungs. Morrison later took to Twitter to say that the person she was accosting in the video was none other Premier Doug Ford, who reportedly laughed after she questioned him about sexual assault.

Below is a video of the incident which begins at 1:03:56 mark. In the video, you can watch Morrison's speech as well as the cabinet's reaction to it. 

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"After months of waiting and public pressure, Ontario's attorney general provided no clarity today in her announcement on the status of a promised funding increase for rape crisis centres," said MPP Morrison in a follow-up statement.

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Ford's government announced on Tuesday that it will maintain its current funding for victim service centres while adding an additional $1 million to centres pertaining specifically to sexual assault.  However, those helping to run the centres are doubtful that extra funding will be enough to "bandage" the areas which need covering. 


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