Elections for a new premier in Ontario aren't for another three years but people are already making their decision when it comes to voting for Doug Ford - again. It seems many Doug Ford supporters hope to see him win another election. The most common reason, according to a large Reddit debate on the matter, seems to be simply keeping the Liberal Party out of power.

A Redditor posted on Wednesday in the askTO subreddit, asking Torontonians and Ontarians whether those who voted him into power would vote to keep him in power if there was an election now.

Naturally, a lot of people had a lot to say, most Conservatives saying they would re-elect Ford despite the current controversies. 

One Redditor comments that, even though he wasn't a fan of Ford as an option back at election time, former Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne had to go.

"Ford was my least favourite choice for the OPC leadership and I am still unhappy he won but Wynne HAD to go."

Then, there are some Redditors that claim they'd vote for Ford again because, as they say, it generally doesn't tend to affect those who live up north.

Some of those who have followed Ford's policies say he's doing a good job in terms of finance.

One Redditor mentions how he likes Ford's standpoint on financial accountability, writing: "So far, my favourite thing he's done is to make it so that student council fees are optional in Ontario. That's a long-overdue policy."

It should be noted the debate wasn't entirely one way. Some users, for instance, countered that point on Ford's student record by pointing out the desperate trouble some Ontario students are finding themselves in as at least a partial result of the cuts made by the Ford government to OSAP.

And while there are clearly many willing to double down on their support for Ford, a report two months ago found Ford's approval rate to be 29 percent, the lowest of any incumbent premier in the country.

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