A new report from Global News has unveiled Premier Doug Ford's proposal to change the design of commercial vehicle license plates in Ontario.  According to government documents obtained by Global News, "This initiative will see us refresh a license plate design that’s been relatively unchanged since the 1960s and — depending on the slogan chosen — help to rebrand Ontario as a business-friendly province."

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The draft document will be presented to the cabinet by next week, and the proposal is expected to be implemented later this year.

Global News reported, "The new slogan for the license plates will likely be ‘Open For Business.'"  A source of the re-brand told reporters that "This will be consistent with billboards that the Premier unveiled last year at border crossings into Ontario."

Ontario licence plates are currently branded with the phrase "Yours to Discover", and the iconic phrase has been displayed on the province's plates since the early 1980s.  The slogan highlights Ontario's natural beauty and wide range of attractions.

In a statement last week, NDP MPP Catherine Fife responded to reports of the potential rebranding, "Doug Ford’s ridiculous scheme to turn vehicles into political billboards is a new low in self-serving electioneering.  Redesigning our licence plates to be Ford ads is a colossal waste of money. This is a bizarre ego-driven attempt to turn every licence plate into a Ford vanity plate."

Most Ontarians are less than thrilled with the proposed slogan change:

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