Leading Ontario isn't the only gig our current premier had.

Long before becoming the premier of Ontario, Doug Ford's old job was running his family's labelling empire.

According to the Globe, Ontario's premier first inherited day-to-day control of Deco Labels way back in 1995 after his father became the MPP for Etobicoke-Humber. 

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They didn’t use Deco Labels, that’s why. If I was allowed to donate them, I would, believe me. But I’m not allowed to.

Doug Ford 

According to The Canadian Encylopedia, Ford spent most of his life at the company and eventually became president. 

The company thrived under Ford's leadership who helped its Toronto branch achieve $11 million in sales in 1999.

Deco Labels, which started as a small label and name tag manufacture, is still around today. 

In fact, back when anti-carbon tax stickers were falling off gas pumps, Ford joked that it should have been his company that made the labels. 

However, he also mentioned that it was not something that could happen with him as premier. 

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