For anyone not keeping up with the Ontario's Provincial leadership race at the moment, here are the quick facts. When the current PC provincial leader Patrick Brown stepped down after sexual misconduct allegations came out about him, it left a void for another Conservative politician to step up into his place. Those looking to move into the role are: Oshawa/ Whitby MPP Christine Elliott, Toronto's Ward 2 city councillor Doug Ford, Caroline Mulroney (daughter to the former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney), and finally political activist Tanya Granic Allen. 

These 4 PC candidates are hoping to win the chance to eventually take on the current Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne for her role. However their first step to getting there, is speaking at debates on hot button issues to win favour votes from the public. Which is what happened at last night's leadership debate in Ottawa.

One question that had the rooms ears perked up, was the one posed to each candidate on how they would create better work spaces in politics after everything seen with the #MeToo movement. Doug Ford was the first to tackle the question:

The no nonsense candidate started off with "It's totally unacceptable, I have 4 girls, my wife - it's totally unacceptable."

He went on to add that it wasn't just women affected by unfair and unjust harassment in the workplace but men as well.  Saying that the issue was on both sides and that no one should use their power to pressure anyone into anything. 

When asked what he would actually do as a leader, Ford responded saying that we needed to hold people accountable for their actions and if found to be doing it, that they "would be gone"

@fordnationdougfordembedded via

The moderator Althia Raj then asked what Ford thought about the Austrian law that banned MP's from dating their staff, however with a bit of miscommunication around the question, Ford thought Raj was saying that she was dating a colleague, which resulted in some serious chuckles from the room. 

But he did get back on track saying that he didn't think it was acceptable to be dating your own staff, ending with a laugh, shake of the head, and the comment "you've got to be kidding me". 

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