After a whirlwind Ontario election, Doug Ford was named the new premier of Ontario and he has big plans. Whether you agree with Ford politically, it's clear that he is making his opinion heard about the state of the province, even if it's only one week after the election concluded. 

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The premier-designate told the press Thursday that he plans on dealing with Trump and the looming trade war as soon as he gets in office. Ford publically supported Trudeau's threat to introduce tariffs as early as July 1 if Trump doesn't back down. 

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Fords point is that Ontario, who borders the USA, should not be sitting on the sidelines during the North American Free Trade Agreement talks. As the province with the largest population, it's important to Ford that he represents Canadians affected by the trade deal. 

His plans include a cross-country trip of the United States where Ford wants to have face-to-face conversations with U.S. politicians. As a businessman with a branch in America, he said that his background will benefit him when it comes to talking about trade deals. 

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Ford said that this was not something to be taken lightly because it puts Canadian jobs at risk. "My friends, we must stand together during these critical negotiations because there's so much at stake. Jobs across our economy, workers and their families, entire communities are all counting on us to defend Ontario's interests and Canada's interest," he said. 

The premier-delegate would be following in the footsteps of Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne, who has spent months meeting with American governors discussing a new NAFTA agreement. 

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Though some are calling Ford the Donald Trump of Ontario, the premier-delegate has stated that he will not stand for the name calling the American president has been engaging in. Ford said that while he understands Trump's position on NAFTA, he stands with Trudeau, noting that his tweeting is not going to solve anything. 

Here's hoping that the new Premier's intervening can act as a buffer for the Prime Minister and President. If not, maybe Ford's business will move elsewhere. 

Source: CTV

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