If you're a Drake fan, chances are you have referred to Toronto as "the 6ix" because of him. The Toronto born rapper has referred to his hometown as the 6ix on numerous occasions but it was just revealed he actually has no rights to the term. In fact, Drake just lost his trademark bid for the term "the 6ix" because he wasn't the first person to use it. 

Drake and his company, October's Very Own, submitted the bid for the trademark way back in the summer of 2015. He first used it in his song "Know Yourself" when he sang"running through the 6." He then used the same line in his song "Views" in 2016. Back then, on an episode of the Tonight Show, he told Jimmy Fallon that his team came up with the term based on Toronto's area code, which is 416. 

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Drake told Fallon that his team was originally planning on "the four" but he flipped it on its end and decided on "the six" instead which later become the "6ix" that we all know and love. Turns out Drake was wrong though. While he thought he was the original creator of the "6ix" the recent trademark hearing has decided otherwise. 

According to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, the term "6ix" was actually first used by a Toronto DJ named Michael Di Cosmo. 

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It's not like Di Cosmo beat Drake to the term by just a few months, it was actually a matter of years. The trademark hearing found that Di Cosmo actually filed a trademark bid for "the 6ix" way back in 2000, 15 years before Drake and OVO tried to lay claim to it. 

That didn't stop them, though. The trademark hearing actually resulted in a pretty intense legal battle. Drake's team argued that Di Cosmo wasn't using the trademark so he didn't deserve to have it, but Di Cosmo's lawyer argued back that that didn't matter. 

In the end, it turned out Di Cosmo's lawyer was right - it didn't matter that he was using it on a smaller scale, he still had the rights to the term first. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office decided that Di Cosmo had the rights. 

To make it official, all Di Cosmo has to do is pay the $200 trademark fee and then the rights to "the 6ix" will officially be his to do whatever he wants with it. In his case, this will mean advertising his DJ business under that label. 

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But, Drake won't have to go changing his lyrics or anything. Despite the trademark being filed to someone else, Drake will still be allowed to use the trademark on merchandise like t-shirts, but he won't be able to restrict its use. 

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